First Semester of College in a Nutshell


The first semester of college can be very exciting! It’s a time where you start making new friends, learn to live on your own, and make the adjustment from high school classes to college classes. It is a great learning opportunity for everyone. During my first semester of college, I learned some things I will never forget.

1. Your stress level will go off the charts.

If you think high school was stressful, wait until you get to college. The homework assignments and studying will become never ending. Just when you think you have all of your assignments done for the day, you realize that you have an upcoming test to study for. There will be times when you don’t have the time to study for a test, and it will make you even more stressed. While you’re worried about homework and studying, you also have to remember to go to events, meetings, and take trips to the store when you’ve run out of your favorite snacks. The stress can be overwhelming at times, but all freshmen are facing the same problems.

2. You’ll say you won’t procrastinate, but you will.

Before I started my classes, I told myself I wouldn’t procrastinate. Well, that didn’t go as planned. When you’re on your own in college, it’s very easy to procrastinate. You no longer have a parent constantly reminding you to do your homework. With all of the events for new freshmen, it’s hard to turn them down to go work on a research paper. You’ll also be excited to hang out with all of your new friends, and you’ll forget about your assignments until the night before they’re due (sometimes the morning of). It’s all about time management.

3. It’s okay if you don’t make a ton of friends.

When I first came to college, I thought it was all about making new friends. It is important to meet new people and have friends to hang out with, but having too many can become a distraction. It’s okay to go out to eat with your friends every once in a while, or have a movie night, as long as you allow yourself some time for homework and studying. After all, you are attending college to get an education.

4. You’re bound to forget something.

After pinning list after list of what to bring to college, I thought I was prepared with anything I could possibly need. After a few days of staying in my dorm room, I realized I had forgotten a can opener. It’s so easy to forget little things. It’s bound to happen to everyone, so just be prepared to take a couple trips to the store to get the things you forgot to pack.

5. A planner will become your best friend.

You should always, always, write your assignments down in a planner. Having a planner will help you become more organized, and help you remember when your assignments are due. I started carrying mine with me everywhere and writing down every assignment, meeting, or special event I had. I don’t know what I would do without my planner at this point.

6. Joining a sorority/fraternity isn’t for everyone.

When I first started college, I went in with an open mind about joining a sorority. I had heard both positive and negative things about sororities. I decided to wait until I learned more about the sororities on campus before I made my decision. I learned that a sorority can be expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, I learned that it could be a good way to help a charity and make new connections. When it came down to it, I didn’t have the time or money to join a sorority with all of my other commitments. Some people love being in a sorority or fraternity, but it isn’t for everyone. So don’t feel out of place if joining a sorority or fraternity isn’t for you.

That sums up my first semester in a nutshell. What did you learn during your first semester of college?


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